What to believe? Here are a few findings from MBAprograms.org about online dating.

Online daters tie the knot faster

Whether its because you spend time getting to know each other before meeting in real life, or you have been more discerning about selecting someone than you would be in a pub, online daters decided to get married faster than those who meet in any other setting.  The stats? Online daters marry within 18.5 months, 'real-life' daters take 42 months.

But why?

Here are the reasons why online dating works faster:

You get to know your date without leaving home

Without the stresses of finding a first date outfit and agreeing on a safe and date-conducive venue, you can get to know your new date from your pyjamas on the couch, in the ad-breaks of Revenge.

You can ditch the obvious losers

You can flick past the posers photographed with their late model sportscar or the profiles that read like an overly crafted CV.  You can swipe on by those that are are carrying obvious baggage or are clearly still recovering from their ex.

You have a wider pool at your disposal

Instead of being limited to those random single friends that are connected to your inner circle or the rare bachelor/ette in your running group/pottery class/reading group you have a much larger pool to choose from.

You can be bold without face to face rejection

The 'sorry, I'm just not sure we're compatible. Good Luck with your search' response is far less of a sting when received digitally rather than face to face. Rejection is less brutal when you are able to move right along to someone else on the list that seems just as compatible.

Still not sure? Give it a try....

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