Taylor Swift

As a woman who was already allowed to drink vodka at the time Taylor Swift was born, it’s a tiny bit gut-wrenching to contemplate that there are life lessons to be learned from someone this young – even if she’s sold forty million records bursting at the seams with catchy tunes.

When it comes to love lessons though, we’re probably all in a position to be schooled by Tay Tay. Here are a few:

Been dumped? Perfectly fine to rant about it.

We’ve all been there right? Banished to the couch, wallowing in Sauv Blanc out of a box and drafting diatribes to any of these:

  • the fool that threw you out with the old ‘its not you, its me’ spiel
  • the online dater that hid his profile after three days of banter so encouraging that you were considering how to merge your household items
  • that transition guy aka rebound dude that you were meant to have dumped before he beat you to it.

Depending on your alcoholic intake you’ll post one or many of these missives on your facebook page and optionally belt them out in a post midnight, ill-advised text.

Our country music crossover princess will go one better, immortalising the breakup feels in a song. Her reference to running ‘like a scared little boy’ is allegedly aimed fairly and squarely at Joe Jonas. Fair thing too given she revealed he dumped her in a 27 second phone call.


Walk Away. Stay Away.

Most of us had that relationship that never ended neatly, that could have done with the ripping-off-a-band-aid treatment but was more like ten sessions of a fortnightly Brazilian wax in terms of recurring and unnecessary torture.

Taylor? Not so. She keeps moving forward. And, Jake Gyllenhall, if you were ever in doubt…


It’s OK for friends to date exes

Swift has a group of gal pals that studded with icons like Girls creator Lena Dunham, supermodel Karlie Kloss and actresses Selena Gomez and Emma Stone. She advised Vanity Fair that in T-world, it’s quite OK for friends to date exes. She cited a sisterhood ‘with a higher place on the list of priorities’. That’s a new spin on #sistersbeforemisters for those following at home.

Given the amount of gals that have dated Harry Styles, it’s probably a fairly pragmatic point of view.

Variety is key

Tay Tay has quite the varied palate when it comes to men, and is not locked into that dreaded ‘type’ that can so accidentally happen when you find you are dating the third bad-boy rock star in a row. (yes, that happens to the best of us)

She started by cooing over squeaky clean childhood sweetheart Joe Jonas, and when he ditched her in Tinder-like terms before we even had Tinder, bounced back with everybody’s go-to rebound guy John Mayer. For an audience that loves a merged celeb name like Brangelina and Bennifer, she sneakily threw us off our game by dating everyone’s favourite vampire abs Taylor Lautner then sampled some Kennedy political royalty.

Mix it up people.

Tell us, what else can we learn from Taylor Swift?

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